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Prof. Raj Raghunathan comes to Sofia for the fourth time

Prof. Raj Raghunathan comes to Sofia for the fourth time
16 April, 2024
On 27 and 28 May this year prof. Raj Raghunathan will be in Sofia again. Following on from the successful seminars and trainings he held in 2018 and 2019, this year's visit will bring new topics for both individuals and companies.

For the first time, prof. Raghunathan will offer the opportunity to conduct a Happiness@Work simulation. This innovative training, based on Professor Raghunathan's BAMBA© model, allows participants to immerse themselves in the role of managers tasked with increasing their team's engagement and happiness. Within the simulation they create different scenarios and observe the impact of their decisions in real time. Thus, through their personal experiences, participants realize which actions and decisions increase engagement and productivity and improve the morale in the organization and which lead to the opposite.

During the debrief session prof. Raghunathan analyses the results of the simulation and, in discussion with the participants, reveals the relationship between different actions and happiness and therefore engagement at work. As you know, science has already proven that happier employees are not only more energetic and responsive, but also more creative and productive.

 Download the brochure and learn more: Happiness@Work Simulation

 Book a date and time for the simulation: +359878997998 or +359885049557;

Other topics that Professor Raghunathan will offer to business organizations are:

- "Atomic Happiness": Exploring the art of appreciating the present moment and sharing seven strategies for enhancing everyday joy to strengthen our moment-to-moment happiness.

- "The New Leadership Style that Enhances Engagement and Productivity": A session that redefines leadership - moving from micromanagement to a style that fosters belonging, mastery, and an attitude of abundance.

- "Happiness at Work": Exploring the multifaceted benefits of employee well-being, including strategies for enhancing happiness and fostering good, engaging workplace relationships.

- "How do we sabotage our own happiness?": An intriguing look at how intelligence and success can inadvertently interfere with happiness and strategies for overcoming this paradox.

 Download the booklet and learn more: Happiness Workshops 2024

 Book a date and time for the simulation: +359878997998 or +359885049557;

Professor Raghunathan will also offer an open event "The Power of Belonging" on May 28 at 4 pm, in which he will present techniques for improving our workplace relationships to increase engagement and boost productivity.

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This series of events is not just a learning opportunity, but an essential step toward creating a new attitude toward a workplace where happiness is the foundation of success. Contact us for more details and get ready to embark on a journey that may transform your professional life.
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