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FABLE - the project which builds inclusive communities based on the sustainable fashion topics

FABLE - the project which builds inclusive communities based on the sustainable fashion topics
23 February, 2024
The FABLE project is coming to its end. The project has focused on two key global themes: how to be sustainable in the fashion industry and how to transform an ever-evolving industry to develop new integrative possibilities and transversal skills by promoting critical thinking and action outside of this market can be useful and with ethical work as a basis for the future.
The project aimed:
• To empower young people and to promote capacity building of young people with an innovative, flexible methodology to be adaptable in different disadvantaged contexts.
• To strengthen organizations across the EU by promoting social inclusion approaches through the fashion labor market.
• To provide tools and resources to translate creative ideas related to the world of sustainable fashion into concrete actions.
• To raise awareness in local communities about the importance of rethinking the concept of inclusivity and creating a web of opportunities, labor market and sustainability.
Multiplier Events were held in each of the partnership countries between October 2023 and February 2024 with a view to disseminating the results of the project and ensuring their sustainability through local and community use.
The Bulgarian multiplier events took place online offering moments of activity and discussion between sustainable fashion actors, youth workers and young people.
It was a great opportunity to get together and share our knowledge and experience about sustainable skills for a greener, more inclusive world! Look at the video below:

During the two project years, February 2022 and February 2024, all partners worked in three operational phases to achieve three different sets of results (Intellectual Output - IO).

IO1- Training curriculum for youth workers on innovative practices

The FABLE training curriculum is designed to provide youth workers with skills and tools to work with young people on the topics of art-based learning, creative crafts and sustainable fashion. The aim is to help raise awareness of the issues in the fashion industry and the resulting ecological problems, to promote creative activities and to combine creativity with learning content.

IO 2- G-local hubs for young people

For these second results, all partners have developed G-Local hubs and 15 activities around sustainable fashion. In order to disseminate the activities and implement them in different countries, a toolbox and a toolkit have been created. A total of 33 activities are included in these G-Local hubs and over 182 young people were involved in these activities!
The main goals of the G-Local Hubs are to:
1. stimulate critical thinking, and based on this, also behavioral change and motivation to sustain this behavioral change;
2. promote the acquisition of youth entrepreneurship skills through sustainable fashion;
3. stimulate creativity;
4. create sense of belonging to a community;
5. stimulate a change of mind and perspective towards a green transition and an ethical approach to the fashion world.

IO 3- International Network Hub and Leaderboard Challenges for the European Youth Strategy

An INTERNATIONAL NETWORK HUB has been created to promote collaboration at European and national levels between people working in sustainable fashion and wishing to use FABLE activities to improve their social inclusion activities with young people, especially the more vulnerable.
To this end, about 50 international stakeholders are participating in this networking initiative.
The aim of this network and its collaborations is to continue over time and promote a social impact for young people, even after the project's completion.

Discover all the results and actions of our NETWORK HUB:

Through the Flipbook our team has created, you can discover what we have been able to achieve during this third outcome: guidelines to form a community of sustainable fashion actors, a sharing platform for Network Hub, online events, action plans co-developed to respond to the challenges of young people linked to the EU youth strategy in terms of eco-sustainability, quality of learning, inclusive societies and gender equality.
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