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December - the month of Humility

December - the month of Humility
30 November, 2021
Humility is not one of the character strengths that can be easily understood and used. But it is crucial to having good relationships with others, succeeding and being satisfied with ourselves and our lives.

Humility means not thinking that we are more important or more special than other people.

Modesty is an important aspect of humility. It causes us to do things that do not place the focus on ourselves. Modesty and humility involve our willingness not to show off or be proud of our own successes. However, this does not imply low self-esteem, but rather a desire not to turn the spotlight on ourselves, thinking we are better than others.

Humble people admit their weaknesses and shortcomings honestly and openly, accepting advice and help from others with gratitude.

Humility is an opportunity for personal growth. When we are humble, our "eyes are opened" to areas of our lives that we need to work on in order to improve. If a friend or colleague (and why not the boss) suggests that we change something in our actions to achieve a better result, we need to accept that what we are doing now might not really be good for us. This is done by letting go of our current beliefs and trusting the person who is offering us something different. Only with humility and emotional intelligence can we allow people to support our development and future success.

Humility is also important for our inner well-being. Frustration and anger often accompany our failures. It is important to master humility so that we can better accept challenges and stand up after failures. It may sound illogical, but the humbler we are, the more resilient we are. If we can acknowledge that our own actions and decisions are the cause of our failure, we will also be able to work to change our behaviour and stand point. If we combine humility with zest, we will be able to keep moving forward each time and overcome the difficult moments more easily.

Humility begins with accepting who we are and what makes us human. As a result, we take control of our attitude and understanding about life. As Alison Louise Kennedy, a Scottish writer, says, "Have more humility. Remember you don't know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, you will enrich your own life – and maybe even please a few strangers."

Humility is an important character strength. If we choose to develop it in ourselves, we will live happier lives.

Are you ready to try something new and work toward a happier life filled with humility? 

In our mobile app - Happiness Accelerator - we dedicate the last month of 2021, this challenging year for the whole humanity, to Humility. We have prepared 31 activities, inspiration thoughts and boosters that will help you on your path to Humility.

We'd love for you to email us at, asking questions and sharing your experiences while following this month's Humility program.
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