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Let us put things into perspective

Let us put things into perspective
1 January, 2023
At the beginning of the new year when we are thinking about our wishes for the year and making our new year’s resolutions we from Happiness Academy want to talk to you about the character strength of perspective. Perspective is a character strength deeply related to both happiness and success in life and is definitely going to be helpful in choosing the right goals for the year.

Perspective is about being able to see both the bigger picture and the details. It is also about being able to see the matter from the perspective of some other person or from another point of view. Having perspective means also to be able to combine knowledge and experience in order to be able to see what is really important in a situation

Beware, perspective is not only about rational thinking and decision making. It is also about understanding our own feelings and the feelings of the other people and having empathy. In a way perspective is about balancing thinking and feeling. It is one of the character strengths of the virtue of Wistom. People having perspective are considered to be wise and are often sought for counsel from their friends.

Research has shown that Perspective is positively linked with wellbeing. One of the reasons for this is that it helps find meaning and purpose in life. It is also negatively linked with stress. The better we are in using perspective less stressed we are. Having strong perspective helps being more creative and having better learning results. Perspective also leads to higher peer acceptance and is one of the character strengths mostly valued at work.

So let us put things into perspective and lay the ground for a happy and successful 2023. Join us at Happiness Accelerator to work for improving your perspective.
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