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4 pieces of advice on how to be happy at work

4 pieces of advice on how to be happy at work
2 August, 2018
The phrase "to build a happy job and happy employees" sounds like a Disney story. The strange thing, however, is that in an experiment led by Prof. Raj Ragunaton, in which participants were asked to imagine that the genie of the bottle would fulfil three of their desires, only 6% of them asked for happiness.

Nevertheless, the latest research in this area shows the opposite. The happier the employees at the workplace, the more productive the company is. A recent study at the University of Warwick shows that happiness leads to a 12% increase in workers' productivity while unsatisfied employees reduce it by 10%.

Here are some tips on how to start building an environment that will make employees happier at work:

1. Identify what makes your workplace desirable

Take a good look at your employees and ask yourself, "Who are the best performers? Who do I admire?" Ask them alone would recommend the company as a good place to work. And listen carefully to what they will tell you. Listen to their ideas, identify their strengths, and get to know the success markers and leadership values ​​that your best employees share. This will give you a solid foundation for building a corporate culture. Use the information gathered to rethink the selection process.

2. Build a learning spirit in the organization

What you will find in the happiest organizations is a high commitment to educating the "spirit of learning." They provide ongoing training, training, and mentoring opportunities that are in line with the goals in their work and meet the personal goals of employees.

3. Establish a culture of open communication and constant feedback

According to Gallup, the second most common mistake that leads to a decline in turnover is the lack of communication in the company. So, your first priority is to build on the traditional performance appraisal on an annual basis with feedback from them on a monthly basis. Evaluate the progress of your employees by communicating in the real workflow, not just by their paper results. This is what all representatives of the Millennial generation want to be fully committed to their career.

4. Build a culture that values ​​work-life balance

A study by Georgetown University confirms that 80% of employees feel happier in flexible working hours and an alternative work schedule tailored to their personal needs. Here are some ideas on how to balance employees' duties with their privacy:

-        allow parents with young children to start the business day before the standard working hours and leave earlier to take their children out of kindergarten and school;

-        for the night birds in the office, allow them to come around for lunch and finish the workday at 20:00;

-        allow for 10-hour business days, followed by a 3-day rest or a schedule from Monday to Thursday with 9 hours in the office followed by a Friday rest;

-        provide childcare and pet care for employees.
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