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Study on digital stress on the workplace

Study on digital stress on the workplace
19 April, 2021
The aim of this study is to propose new training methods to improve the competencies of employees in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to work from home and in the digital environment through the use of various technological solutions. The study is part of the project "STRESS-LESS: well-being and prevention of stress from working in a digital environment."

By participating in this study, you are actively contributing to building knowledge about digital stress on the workplace and related prevention measures. The results of the study will be published on the website of the Happyness Academy, as well as on the website of the project (, which is under development.

The project will develop and pilot preventive measures against digital stress, both for employees and at company level. If you are interested in the stages of the project or in participating in it, please contact our project manager for Bulgaria: Lyubov Kirilova (tel. 0878997998; e-mail:

Thank you!

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