Happiness Academy
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Vision / Mission

Happiness Academy’s mission is to teach what was not taught in a traditional classroom – how to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. We believe that happiness is not just a perfect image you have in your head or a future destination. It is a deep sense of satisfaction and well-being that you are able to train and cultivate. We commit to inspire, guide and empower people to learn Happiness.

Business Trainings

For the most important asset in your organization - your people
We live in a world where more people do not perceive their work as something which they do at all costs. For most of us, work is not performance to the minimum of the responsibilities against which we receive remuneration. Our work is a way of life, an opportunity to develop, an opportunity to help others with our knowledge and skills, a way to be useful.

Personal Trainings

For your personal growth
The power of positive thinking, which strongly influences our happiness, can affect both our personal and our professional life. It can boost our creativity, improve our communication, increase our effectiveness and bring us more success. Our own happiness will spread among others and will significantly improve the environment in our family and at our work place.
Happiness Accelerator

Happiness Accelerator

Our mobile application offers you a series of daily tasks and routines to improve your well-being and lead you closer to the psychological aspects of inner satisfaction. You will receive on a daily basis a task for boosting your happiness, a workout to complete, a meditation practice to listen to, as well as an inspirational thought and a funny fact. By completing them you will strengthen and build upon your inner values as: your compassion, friendship, love, accomplishment, creativity, awareness, happiness, and sense of humor.


Love yourself

3 reasons why
3 practices how
3 signs that you truly love yourself