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To let go of the concern "what others might think about us"

To let go of the concern
13 юни, 2018
Here are 3 tips that will help you get rid of completely unnecessary worries about what others think about you and what impression you leave on people.

1: Be honest and nice to the people around you

If you do, you do not have to worry so much about what others think about you. Why? Well, because others will openly like you more. And secondly, even if your actions are misinterpreted by others, you will know in your heart that your intentions are noble. This will give you the freedom not to worry about the impression you leave with others.

2: Know that: people in pain will only hurt the ones around them

Even if you do everything in your power to be polite and attentive to others, you may still be disappointed by some of them. But know that this is not the result of your actions, but rather it is a reflection of their condition. People behave in the way they have been taught to, accustomed to, and know how to communicate in - and the worse they feel, the more negative they will relate to their surroundings and to you in particular. Awareness and acceptance of this can help you reconcile with negativity and the bad attitude of others.

3: Be careful and conscious

Sometimes the negative thoughts of others about you may be justified: everyone is going to confuse or mess things up. This does not mean you have to dive into negative emotions forever. Christianity offers us ways to purify ourselves from evil and sins through confession in the church and the forgiveness that we give to the Lord's Saviour. But if you are not Christians or are not religious at all, there are other ways to get rid of negative thoughts as a result of mistakes.

Be careful and conscious. What does this mean? This is the ability to direct our attention to the things we want, and thus not to burden our mind with superfluous thoughts. Control of the attention  means you can choose consciously what you think and what you pay attention to. This includes the ability to focus on those things you want to focus on, and keep it away from those things (for example, what others think about you) that bring you bad thoughts and feelings. You can practice mindfulness to improve control over your mind and attention. The easiest way to exercise careful control is to spend less time in social media (Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) and more time with family and friends. You could use regular and breathing balancing techniques (eg Nadya shodana) as well as meditation practices for awareness.
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