Catalogue "Business Trainings - 2021/2022" - Happiness Academy
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Catalogue "Business Trainings - 2021/2022"

19 October, 2021
The content of the trainings and activities offered by Happiness Academy is based on the theory and experience of prominent scholars and professionals in the field of organizational and personal development. The aim is to improve productivity, strengthen commitment and retention of people in organizations - some of the biggest challenges facing any business.
Our catalogue includes a wide range of innovative development and learning formats that range from two-hour programmes to multi-day events, presented in Bulgarian or English, face-to-face or online.

  • Productivity and motivation trainings
  • Leadership trainings
  • Character Strengths Trainings with Dr. Ryan Niemec (online, in English)
  • Happiness at Work Trainings with Prof. Raj Raghunathan (online, in English)
  • Trainings designed for your company's specific needs.

BOOKS for your company library or as a gift for your team - at a special Christmas price until 31.12.2021.

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1 November, 2021

Be Brave

30 September, 2021

24 Character Strengths Program

1 August, 2021


20 April, 2021

Spring Fatigue

18 March, 2021


29 January, 2021

Calm and More Calm

1 October, 2020

All we need is love

7 May, 2020

Let's be grateful

4 March, 2020

Embracing Mistakes

7 February, 2020

The Success Formula

7 February, 2020

The Happy Leader

7 February, 2020

Happiness at work

7 February, 2020

Happiness Self-sabotage

7 February, 2020

Goodworky Raffle

30 December, 2019

Rhythm is gonna get you

11 November, 2018

Your, my story

18 October, 2018


9 October, 2018

What does happiness like

8 October, 2018

To love and to give

19 July, 2018

Money or time?

5 July, 2018

The wheel of time

Love yourself

3 reasons why
3 practices how
3 signs that you truly love yourself