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Embrace Abundance Mindset

Embrace Abundance Mindset
1 July, 2021
What is abundance? Why is it important? Is it related to happiness? How to achieve it?

The English word for abundance originates from the Latin Abundantia - the name of the goddess of prosperity. The translation of the goddess's name is "plenty, overflowing riches." The goddess is often called the "beautiful maiden of success."

In this regard, abundance can be explained as availability of enough material and emotional values: money, food, joy, love, etc.

But many of us will not believe either in its existence in our reality or in their personal opportunities to achieve it.

Therefore, we want to present you a different, probably easier to accept and believe in, explanation of abundance. And abundance is a state of mind that everyone can have or build up, acquiring the belief/confidence that there are enough material and emotional values and opportunities in the world. And even if we do not have/possess something at the moment, the very fact that other people have it brings us inner peace and we trust that someday we, or our children, may have it.

A characteristic of people with abundance mindset is that they are in harmony with themselves and others, they approach the world with wisdom and serenity, even in difficult times.

Everyone wants to achieve prosperity and adopt abundance mindset, but for many people, it slips away, often when we are convinced that we have just achieved it. There are times when “all the taps run dry”. At such moments, you may blame either yourself, or others - relatives, colleagues, the government, the president, the police ...

However, there is only one person that can make all taps run again– and this is you.  

And then comes the question: What can you do?

The answer may seem very difficult or quite simple: Get rid of fear, ignorance, guilt, helplessness, blame and suffering.

Find out, appreciate your character strengths and use them to manage the struggles, amplify the good and enhance happiness.

Here is an exercise to help you get closer to this goal:

1. Make a list of all the things you feel are scarce  / you think you don’t have enough of (i.e. love, friends, money, time, water, food, rooms in your apartment, shoes, blouses, pants .....). It's best to use a sheet of paper and a pen, but you can also make the list on your computer, tablet, or phone. Take your time and list all the things you can think of. Be brutally honest.

2. Read your list carefully and delete the things that you can be happy or live without. The ones that you find not so important.

3. The next step is to review the things left on your list and ask yourself the question for each of them: If today is the last day of my life, will it matter to me? If the answer is no – delete it too.

4. Next step is to sort the remaining items in order of importance. For every single thing left on your list - make a plan on how to achieve it or change your attitude towards it. Let the plan be short and clear: i.e. if you don't have enough money: think about how you could make more: maybe with extra work, selling something you have, or reorganizing expenses to free up financial resources. Everything is in your hands, consider carefully different options. If you need help, approach some experts or friends that you consider successful in this field.

5. And now we come to the last part of the exercise. Your execution plan must start from the top priority things.  Be mindful of the progress you make and pay attention whether and how you change your attitude from scarcity to abundance.  

Follow the tasks in our mobile application Happiness Accelerator to boost your abundance and happiness.

You can also try the abundance meditation on our Youtube channel.

We wish you success and abundance!
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