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New Year's Challenge

New Year's Challenge
1 January, 2024
Happy New Year!

May it be filled with happiness, peace and responsible decisions!

In the first days of January, we offer you to embrace together the opportunity to live a year full of optimism, joy and sustainable decisions. 

As we walk the path to happiness, let us cherish the moments that bring us joy and create contagious positivity in our community. May each day be a picture to paint with the vibrant colours of laughter, shared experiences and the warmth of true connections.

In the spirit of peace, may we strive for harmony within ourselves and spread that peace to others. Let us together build an environment where understanding, tolerance and compassion prevail, fostering a sense of unity and peace among us all.

As we embark on this new journey, let us remember that our personal actions, thoughts and feelings have the power to shape the destiny of our community. Together we can make this year a testament to the values of happiness, peace, sustainability and responsible living.

We would also like to offer a challenge to you:

For the next 30 days, observe yourself, your mood and emotions daily, they may be not so pleasant of course! Learn to use quick practices in which you replace the not so pleasant emotions (like those in the red and blue sections of the mood spectrum), with more pleasant and positive ones (like those in the yellow and green sections of the spectrum). Try to experience joy and gratitude instead of anger and loneliness!

Notice and observe as many emotions, feelings, and thoughts you experience during this period and record your observations on your energy, performance, and activity!

Make it your goal to turn negative into positive and may the power be with you in the New Year 2024.

Greetings from the Happiness Academy team
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