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The training program and the daily activities in HAPPINESS ACCELERATOR will help you define and embrace your own meaning of Happiness and will accompany you on the road to greater levels of Happiness. The Mission of HAPPINESS ACCELERATOR is to empower you to build your life of happiness and fulfillment.

The program for boosting happiness levels was developed by Prof. Raj Raghunathan of McCombs School of Business at the University of Austin, Texas. It combines knowledge and recent discoveries from various fields of science, such as psychology, neuroscience, behavioural theory, etc. The program is structured along seven pairs of “sins” that lower our happiness and habits of the highly happy people. In addition it reveals seven exercises, which lead to developing these habits.

The HAPPINESS ACCELERATOR team also developed a series of daily tasks and routines to improve your well-being and lead you closer to the psychological aspects of inner satisfaction.

You will receive on a daily basis a task for boosting your happiness, a workout to complete, a meditation practice to listen to, as well as an inspirational thought and a funny fact. By completing them you will strengthen and build upon your inner values as: your compassion, friendship, love, accomplishment, creativity, awareness, happiness, and sense of humour.

On the HAPPINESS ACCELERATOR map you will find a variety of companies and opportunities related to happiness.

Members of the HAPPINESS ACCELERATOR community will be brought together and encouraged to expand their abundance mindset. The “win-win- win” solution they will be find will help the me-you-society thrive.

In addition below you will find 7 main and 6 additional exercises, created by Raj with the purpose of enhancing our happiness levels.

Adhere to those exercises in the suggested order and observe the occurring changes in both your personal and professional life. The seven main exercises are entirely following the seven chapters in Raj's book, and his advice is to spend a week on completing each exercise.

If you feel the importance and the urge of feeling happier, we encourage you to complete all exercises with great care and mindfulness.

And remember that more happiness for you means more happiness for the people around you. Best of luck!