Webinar "How to create beautiful colours and patterns for your clothes and accessories" - Happiness Academy
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Webinar "How to create beautiful colours and patterns for your clothes and accessories"

5 gennaio, 2024
Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88408669590?pwd=Atx6yV2SEBlyGlavbhtCbO5jQdsifg.1

Meeting ID: 884 0866 9590
Passcode: 508110

In this webinar, you will learn how to use natural materials and your kitchen equipment (pot and stove) to beautifully dye fabric for a scarf, skirt, blouse or dress. You can also renew or beautify clothes from your wardrobe.
The designer Yana Oleg Dvoretska will share her experience in dyeing with natural materials.
This initiative is part of the European project FABLE, funded by the Erasmus+ programme.
During the event we will also talk about the impact of fashion on nature and what sustainable fashion is.

Lecturer: Yana Oleg Dvoretska
Moderators: Liubov Kirilova / Valia Dankova

What else can you learn from the FABLE project? Find out here: FABLE web platform

The event is funded by Erasmus+ and is free for the participants. You will receive a link to the ZOOM webinar after registration here: Registration form

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