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31 gennaio, 2022
February is the month of love and its patron - St. Valentine. Therefore, quite naturally, we’ve decided to set a new challenge to all of us, which we call MISSION LOVE.

Welcome to MISSION LOVE! The purpose of the mission is to strengthen love as our character strength. As a character strength love has much more types and meanings than the emotion itself.

There are different types of love: attachment love that parents and children have for one another, companion love or friendship, love for the family, romantic love, love for pets and animals and spiritual love.

VIA Institute on Character looks on love as reciprocal, referring to both loving others and the willingness to accept love from others. Here's the motto they define for love as a character strength: "I experience close, loving relationships that are characterized by giving and receiving love, warmth and caring".

Love is one of five character strengths most associated with fulfillment in life. It allows us to create secure relationships with other people. Building close, long-term connections with other people is one of the most important determinants for a longer life in good health.

At community level, love is vital for the well-being of society. We are all interconnected and dependent upon each other for success and future development. Love involves strong positive feelings, commitment, and often, sacrifices for the good of others. The world simply cannot exist without us being able to give and receive love.

But how do we decide who deserves our love and who does not? Is there a chance that each of us can love everyone and feel empathy for everyone's problems? Just imagine - a world full of people willing to give and receive love unconditionally. Would that end all wars, crimes and suffering? Do you believe that love can save the world?

No matter what your answer is, if everyone makes a personal choice to open their heart wider, it will bring benefit to everyone. Love will not only make us feel happier and live longer, but it will also push us to do good things and help us evolve. And if each of us grows and becomes better - then we can say that our MISSION LOVE is absolutely possible.

This month, in our mobile app Happiness Accelerator, we have prepared 28 activities, inspirational thoughts and boosters that will help you on this mission.

We will be glad for you to email us at office@happinessacademy.eu, asking questions and sharing your experiences while fulfilling your MISSION LOVE.
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