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Your ABBA Vacation

Your ABBA Vacation
1 agosto, 2022
ABBA: Autonomy - Basic needs - Belonging - Abundance

Happy August! It is summer on half of the globe and winter on the rest of it. But whatever season you are in August is a holiday month. Many organisations, factories close, though quite a lot of other businesses like the ones in tourism and service industries work at max speed.

Whatever your case is, we have decided in August to make a break for our Character Strengths Program and to continue it in September with the topic of Perseverance.

In August we suggest to go together on an ABBA vacation and do the following:

1.    Boost Autonomy by choosing to do whatever you like most. It will energise you and help you feel fulfilled.

2.    Take care for your Basic needs by:

-       eating healthy. Choose more fruits and vegetables. You can follow the advice of Vijah Bhaat, a cancer survivor and famous well-being consultant, and to include in your daily meal natural origin foods in all RAINBOW colours.

-       moving more. Exercising is great, but not all of us are born "sport lovers". A simple half-an-hour walk can make a difference. Go outside and enjoy and try to spot as much as possible nature beauties or man-made excellence objects as possible.

-       sleeping better. If you are sleeping less than 7 hours a night, it's time to improve your sleep. Follow this link if you still doubt the importance of sleep.

3.    Spend time with someone you love and appreciate the importance of Belonging. We are social creatures and we need to feel close to other people. In addition, the science has already proven that building a close relationship with at least one person is key to longevity.

4.    Believe in Abundance. Life will be easier of we change our orientation from scarcity to abundance and convince ourselves that even if we do not have something at present, we can get it in the future. Listen to this practice in order to be able to feel the Abundance. Link to abundance meditation.

And last but not least: enjoy the month of August and make good memories in order to be able to sing along in the coming months your version of ABBA song „Our Last Summer“.
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