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The book

Is it possible that what enables you be successful in your career life, prevents you from being happy in the personal life?
15 years after his Masters graduation, Raj Raghunathan spends some time with his fellow college students. To him, it looks as though they are all dealing magnificently in their lives and there is no direct connection between their success in University and their career success.
The book

The project

Training programs in our Happiness Academy will help you in a unique and practical way to realize what is Happiness to you personally. They will also enable you to improve your life, creating and discovering more meaning and satisfaction to it.

The course

What are the features of a happy life?

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked and most important questions in our lives, ever since ancient times. Buddha has withdrawn from his kingdom in favour of pursue of happiness.

Many Greek philosophers (such as Aristotle and Epicurus; Plato or Socrates) have had their own visions on what is necessary for the human being to be happy.