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Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
1 giugno, 2021
The month of June, we dedicate to Beauty and Excellence. We offer you to go together on a 30-day journey during which we will build to habit to notice the beauty and excellence that surround us and savour life’s little beautiful moments.

One if the activities to boost happiness that Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests us in the book “The How of Happiness” is called “Savouring Life’s Little Joys”.

We are doing a little “customization” to it and offering you to go with us through 30-days task program that we have called “Savouring Life’s Everyday Beauties”.

In the month of June, we will take pleasure in observing physical beauty, the skills and talents of other people, and the beauty inherent to virtue and morality. Beauty can be found in almost every area of life, from nature to arts to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

Our daily tasks will help us to start noticing and becoming more aware of things that give us positive emotions: beauty, love, empathy, gratitude and so on. It also really helps us to “slow down” and live in the moment.  We can’t savour something while we are impatient, nervous or being in a hurry.  We have to stop and take that moment out of life and fully engage in the savouring.  This is practically the definition of “living in the moment”.

Building the strength of Appreciation Beauty and Excellence will allow us to experience satisfaction and richness in everyday experiences.

So THANK YOU for joining and hope you will enjoy this Happiness Accelerator experience.
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