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Spirituality as a Character Strength

Spirituality as a Character Strength
30 novembre, 2022
We dedicate the last month of this year to Spirituality. It is part of the group of character strengths that are heart-led, and like many of the other traits - has different dimensions. Some of these are meaning, purpose, vocation, beliefs about the world, the manifestation of virtues and practices that take us beyond the physical dimension. Spirituality involves believing that life has a dimension that is beyond human understanding. Some of us do not associate this belief with the concepts of the “sacred” and any concrete religion, but rather understand it as a sense of meaning and purpose, a belief in love for people and life, and experiences that go beyond human understanding.

Now we suggest you roll up your sleeves and work to strengthen your Faith over the next 31 days of December. This will help you to increase your self-control, physical and mental health, and enter the New 2023 year 2023 with more optimism and unshakable resilience.

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