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Formula for success

Formula for success
The content of this training is based on Daniel Goleman's theory of emotional intelligence and includes an examination of the four main forms of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social competences. In addition we include some of the knowledge and recent findings of positive psychology to offer you a practical recipe for increasing your level of happiness.

We will be working intensively to build:

    • self-confidence
    • self-control
    • resilience
    • better communication skills
    • influence and persuasiveness
    • HAPPINESS habits.

The training includes the following main topics:
  • Developing self-awareness: the ability to recognize and understand your own feelings - creating a vocabulary of emotions, distinguishing feelings from deeper emotions, recognizing the physical and behavioural aspects of these emotions, how they affect you and what consequences they lead to; how to avoid the pitfalls of negative emotions and harness the power of positive emotions.
  • Improving self-management - how to achieve better emotional self-control, adaptability, initiative, optimism and perseverance to succeed and achieve your goals.
  • Developing social awareness - how social contexts and groups influence people's behaviour and how to better understand other people's underlying emotions and motivations.
  • Developing social competences (relationship management) - how to win supporters in your social environment.
  • Increasing your level of happiness - what are the scientifically proven catalysts of happiness and how to see others in a positive light?

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