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Appreciate and ignite your character strengths

Appreciate and ignite your character strengths
Contemporary research funded by the VIA Institute for Character Research has discovered that there are 24 core strengths of human character that are grouped into 6 larger categories called virtues. Interestingly, there are over 600 sextillion possible combinations (i.e., the number 6 followed by 23 zeros!) of the 24 strengths, so the profiles can extremely rarely be exactly the same. The uniqueness doesn't end there. Although the 24 character strengths are distinctive to each of us, the way people manifest their qualities is unique. The individual combination of strengths in each person predetermines our unique human nature.

Key topics in this training course include:
  • Introduction to the 8 categories of common human virtues and the 24 character strengths;
  • Character strengths as the core of our identity;
  • How to use our strengths to enjoy life, have better relationships, be healthy - physically and mentally, and overcome difficulties more easily?

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