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Happiness at work

Happiness at work
According to many surveys, we spend most of our waking life at work. In fact, we spend about a third of our days at work. It means that if we are happier at work, our overall happiness in life is going to improve substantially.

This training provides a strong conceptual understanding of the true determinants of happiness at work.  as well as a personalized plan for leading a life of fulfilment and meaning. The event is interactive in nature and also involves a large number of immersive exercises. At the end the attendees will have a personalized plan for enhancing the happiness in the workplace.
This course is taught online by prof. Raj Raghunathan from the McCombs School of Business, at the University of Texas.

Training objectives:

  • understand the 5 main determinants of happiness at work: Getting the basics right, еnabling growth and mastery, Providing sense of belonging, Employee empowerment and “Abundance” culture.
  • make happiness measurements;
  • learn strategies to boost happiness.

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