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Decoding and Improving Happiness

Decoding and Improving Happiness
In this training, Raj Raghunathan, author of the book "If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?", will provide practical tips and suggestions for how participants can improve their happiness levels. Specifically, he will begin by summarizing research on the 3 most important determinants of happiness: Fulfilment of basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter, etc.); Progress towards MBA (Mastery, Belonging, and Autonomy); Gaining an attitude of “Abundance”.

Training objectives:

  • gain practical and immediately implementable insights into how you can improve their happiness levels;
  • measure your happiness level;
  • build the "Abundance" attitude for a life of happiness and fulfilment.

Love yourself

3 reasons why
3 practices how
3 signs that you truly love yourself