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Character Strengths at Work

Character Strengths at Work
There are many researches that highlight the benefits of promoting character strengths in the workplace. When individuals are aware of their strengths, and have the opportunity to use them within their work, they are happier and more engaged. Many organizations all over the world are already using a strengths-based approach to increase their productivity and improve the overall company culture.

This online, comprehensive training is designed to equip and prepare professionals that are interested in integrating character strengths into their work with clients, partners and/or employees. It is led by Prof. Ryan Niemiec, head of the VIA Institute on Character.

Training objectives:

  • do a comprehensive exploration for professionals on the fundamentals of using strengths with others.;
  • practice using an effective model for working with character strengths known as: Aware-Explore-Apply;
  • discover many different ways to use character strengths when facing difficult or challenging circumstances.

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