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Business Model Canvas with Symbols

Business Model Canvas with Symbols
Business Model Canvas with Symbols is a game-based intervention designed to help entrepreneurs and business people in visualization and implementation planning of their new product/service idea.

This intervention is a kind of "university of life" where participants learn and practice their knowledge, the skills and the abilities they need for business success in a safe environment. It simulates situations in which the skills and competences needed for a real-life activity are developed. In business, where we can pay a high price for failure and mistakes, this is particularly important.

The goal of the intervention is to use all the work materials, the entrepreneur to create a visual diagram with elements that represent the value proposition of the company or product, infrastructure, customers and finance. The symbols that are used allow inventing different scenarios and provoke the creativity of the entrepreneur. They are used as an additional language and method of interpretation and communication. In this way, ideas, dreams and goals can be made manifest.

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