The project - Happiness Academy

The project

In a unique and yet practical way the training programs in our Happiness Academy will assist you in realizing your own Happiness. They will help you improve the quality of your life by discovering and creating more meaning and fulfillment in it.

The power of positive thinking which influences your Happiness strongly, can affect both your personal and your professional life; it can increase your communication skills as well as your effectiveness and enlarge your awareness. Your own Happiness will spread among others and will significantly improve the environment in your family and at your work place.

The training program is held within 7 days, comprised of 7 lectures of 4 hours each. It is entirely based on Prof. Raj Raghunathan's course "A life, filled with happiness and satisfaction". During the training we will introduce to you the scientifically based theory and methods of the positive psychology. We will make exercises on implementing effectively the contemporary techniques on achieving happiness in our every-day life. All this will empower to reach the psychological aspects of a complete and happy life which include: compassion, friendship, love, accomplishment, creativity, awareness, happiness, and sense of humour. 


Valia Dankova
Valia Dankova
Valia has been a trainer for 10 years with great experience in interactive training courses for adults.

She is a certified teacher for adults.

Valia has a Masters Degree in Business Administration majoring in Business-to-Business Marketing, Foreign Trade, Management.

During the years, Valia has developed skills in Presentation in Sales as well as Presentation to wider audiences such as at national and multinational conferences and forums. She also has professional experience in collaborating with medias and organizing press-conferences.
Liubov Kirilova
Liubov Kirilova
With her more than 15 years of experience in managing teams Liubov's leadership skills have majorly contributed to her employees' development, motivation, and goal-orientation.

She has a Master's Degree in International Economic Relations with focus on Telecommunications: mobile, fixed and internet services as well as IT solution for the financial and trading organizations.

Liubov is a top porfessional with experience and proved results in: consumer products marketing, sales and distribution, pricing, product management, working with regulatory authorities. Trainer and consultant in the field of Leadership, Management and Marketing.